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One of the most common questions we get is "What is the New Church?" To start with, it is its own denomination that is based on the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg. If you've never heard of him, you're not alone. He was an 18th century genius, basically the Leonardo daVinci of Sweden. He was raised a Lutheran, but in his 50s had a spiritual awakening, realizing that much of what he knew to be true was in fact not true. Through the rest of his life he wrote 34 volumes of books detailing how God is to be understood, and standing against Biblical literalism to show that the Bible stories are in fact a metaphor or allegory for our life. While most of the events actually did happen, the Bible is written from the perspective of the author, which enables us to relate to the plight of the people involved.

However, what really separates the New Church from other religious groups is our understanding of God. We believe that there is only one God and He is known by many names to the religions of the world. All religions lead to God, but what makes Christianity special is the belief that Jesus was the human incarnation of the one true God. Swedenborg makes the point that believing in one God is essential to our lives, because if we split Him into a trinity of persons we come up with all kinds of errors about His true nature.

Take this for example: traditional Christianity says that Jesus had to come to Earth to appease an angry Father. The Father needed "justice" for the sins of humanity, and it was only Jesus' sacrifice that could bring it. By contrast, Swedenborg says that God loves all people, is never angry, and certainly does not need a blood sacrifice. More to the point though, if Jesus IS God, it shows that He came to us out of pure love, and not to satisfy the needs of an angry father. If we see God in this way, you'll find that is has a transforming effect on how you see the world around you.

Please take a look at the video below, or at our Media page to see a quick description of our weekly messages, and see if anything calls to you...or just click around through our site. Of course we'd love it if you attended one of our worship services, Bible studies or events! We'll do our best to make you feel right at home.

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Food Drive 22 Aug - 5 Sept We’re collecting non-perishable food & toiletry items for neighbours in need via Kogarah Storehouse.
You can help!

Fill a box or grocery bag <and more, if you are so moved!> and drop it on the verandah of #22 Dudley St *by 10AM on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th*. Or, you can make a donation *by Wed, Sep 1st* via the church website (note ‘FLASH’ @ description) and we’ll shop on your behalf.

Every little bit helps. Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Spiritual Growth Group

Starting February 7th, and runnign for 7 weeks, we're doing a spiritual growth program called "Living Courageously." It follows the Elijah story, and we make practical application of the teachings to our lives.

The program consists of two elements, and you can participate in either one or both. The first element is our Sunday services will be following this program.

The second element is a discussion group on Monday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm.

You don't need to book in advance, just come along. Feel free to email or call with any questions.

New YouTube Channel

We are now streaming our services from a new channel. The idea is to separate the Bible Study videos from the worship services, in hopes that it will actually increase the viewership of both. Essentially I think that people want consistency, so that's what we'll give them. We'll still be posting the links to each weeks live stream in the "Upcoming Message" section, so it will likely be a non-issue for regular viewers, but here's the link to the channel: Hurstville New Church YouTube Channel

Upcoming Message

28 November 2021

Money Talks, but What Does It Say?

There are plenty of teachings in the Bible that tell us that money in and of itself isn't evil. Abraham is rich, Solomon is rich... so being rich isn't a sin. Despite that, the Writings do give us an idea that thinking about money can have some unintended negative side effects. So maybe if you're feeling unhappy and cranky, maybe you should check and see how much you're thinking about money!

You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/lwj9EDlmUeM

Please join us!

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Prayer Requests

Having a rough day, month or life? Maybe you know somebody who would benefit from a prayer? Send us your prayer requests and we will add them to our prayers!

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Who is Emanuel Swedenborg?

The New Church is founded on the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Watch this video to get an introduction to this not so well known yet extraordinary man.

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