Bible Study

Bible Study

Escape From Hell

Rev. Todd Beiswenger

Here we take a look at the evolution of Moses during his exchanges with Pharoah. During Moses' first visit to Pharoah we see that Pharoah holds the upper hand, with Moses even scolding Jehovah after the encounter. But Moses grows, and with each successive encounter he not only gains control, but gains faith in the power of Jehovah.

When we first decide to make changes in our life, and stop being a slave to the world, our lives mirror this same process. At first we don't think we can change, but through the strong arm of the Lord we start to realize that life is better outside of the slavery of Egypt.

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The Subservient Body

August 15 2021

In this class we look at various quotes from the Bible and Swedenborg's writings that tell us that the body should be subservient to the spirit, and not the other way around.

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Why the Lord Was Born

December 7 2020

Christians all around the world know that the Lord came to save the human race. However, the teachings for the New Church tell us that there were other reasons for the advent as well. In this video we roll through the quotes and numbers that Swedenborg thought summarized the teachings around why the Lord was born.

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The Ancient Church in Rome

November 16 2020

A bit of a grab bag this time as we look at the differences between Greek and Roman mythology, as well as a look at some Roman myths that include a founding myth, flood myth, and of course, why bees have stingers. Also, are Catholics idolatrous?

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The Ancient Church in Greece Part 3

November 2 2020

In this class we look at the symbolism within the Greek gods of Hades and his dog Cerberus, Persephone, Hermes along with Charon and the crossing of the river Styx.

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The Ancient Church in Greece Part 2

October 26 2020

This time we'll be looking a Zeus and a few of the other early Olympians. I think what's particularly interesting about these gods is the symbolism we can see in the "accessories" to them. Like, why does Poseidon, a sea god, ride in a horse drawn chariot? Doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? Not unless you understand correspondences...

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The Ancient Church in Greece

October 12 2020

We examine the connections between the symbolism of the Bible in early Genesis and compare it to the earliest Greek myths.

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The Ancient Church in Japan

September 20 2020

We take a look at pre-historic Japan, along with the core values of the earliest forms of Shinto religion.

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The Ancient Church in China

Todd Beiswenger September 6 2020

We take a look at pre-historic Chinese religion, along with ancient Chinese characters and their connection to the stories of Genesis

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The Ancient Church in India

Todd Beiswenger August 24 2020

A look at the Hindu flood story, along with a comparison of Greek and Hindu gods. There's more alike than you'd guess!

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The Ancient Church in Egypt Part 2

Todd Beiswenger August 10 2020

Here we look at the symbolism used in Egyptian Heiroglypics and explore the history of Egyptian monotheism.

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The Ancient Church in Egypt Part 1

Todd Beiswenger July 27 2020

Here we look at symbolism within ancient Egypt and compare it to the symbolism used in the Bible.

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Spiritual Meaning in Ancient Architecture

Joe Vandermeer May 18 2020

In this talk we look over thousands of years of buildings, from as far back as the pyramids to the latest cathedrals and look at how their builders were inspired by spiritual teachings.

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Passages on Disease

May 4 2020

Swedenborg writes a bit about the spiritual causes of natural disease. Here we take a look at some of what he wrote while asking the question, "Is there more we can do to integrate these teachings into our lives?"

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An Overview of the Most Ancient Church

Dr. Joel Brown, April 6 2020

Emanuel Swedenborg talks about the Bible and it being divided into five eras, each of which depict a different state of human spirituality. He states that the earlies times are described by the early chapters of Genesis, and give us insight to how early humans experienced and understood God. You can download the video and slides from the links to the right.

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Angels and Spirits With Us It is common to believe in guardian angels, but the reality is that we are profoundly connected to spirits and angels. It is written that even our thoughts come from them, and not from us. Listen to the audio on the left (part one on top, part two the bottom), and you can follow along with a PowerPoint presentation by downloading it here.

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Which faith, which law?

When Paul says we are justified by faith apart from the law, what does that mean? Is this well known and respected apostle mis-understood by modern Christians? We think so.

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What saves us? Both the Old and New Testaments tell us that we should do good works, but do they benefit our salvation in any way? Yes and no. (note: this study follows off of " Which faith, which law")

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What to think and do during temptations. One of the "perks" of repentance is that afterwards the enemy is going to make you try to regret the decision to follow God. Here we look at how we should respond.

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